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All you need are the 4 Rs

Restore your sense of purpose...

You give so much to others, Now give something special to yourself!

Women, with or without a man, are you:

  • Contemplating a new career?
  • Facing an empty nest?
  • Considering a relationship change?
  • Seeking menopausal zest?
  • Longing to unearth your "Missing Something"?
  • Wanting time off to think about your life?

Unique Retreats for Women Ready for Change is waiting for you! On the weekend of November 11-13, take 48 hours in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains just for yourself. Without outside distractions you can discover what you need to know about yourself and your life.

This inspiring, restorative retreat features supportive workshops, peaceful horseback rides (no experience necessary) and country hospitality that will invigorate your body and nourish your soul.

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Recapture your dreams...

Unique Retreat Workshops are an opportunity to explore your needs and wants in a supportive environment. Thoughtful group discussions and innovative individual exercises, some of which involve the power and imagery of horses, will help you identify the key questions you need to waken lost dreams, discover your obstacles, envision the next phase of your life, and design the steps to help you fulfill your desires.

Married or single -- all women need to take control of their lives. But figuring out what you need is often the biggest problem. So, come discover answers to your questions -- and to the questions you don’t even know you have.

Possible topics you might want to explore include:

  • What it means to be getting older
  • How to deepen your friendships and let go of “toxic” friends
  • How to know if you are ready for a career change
  • How to bring more meaning and excitement in your life
  • How to strengthen your self-esteem so you can move ahead professionally
  • How to maintain your identity, separate from your husband or partner
  • How to understand and forgive yourself for your past decisions
  • How to change yourself without causing damage to your marriage
  • How to live as a single woman in a society biased against singles (see below)

This list is just a start! Bring your own challenges and questions

Special Session for Always Single and Single Again Women

Living single in a married world presents unique issues. Therefore, you may choose to participate in this extra workshop. Here are some possible topics you might want to explore:

  • Why you blame yourself for being single
  • How you can be sad about being single…even though most of the time you are content with your life?
  • How annoying it is knowing your mother or friend blame you for being "Too fussy", "too choosy," or "not trying hard enough"
  • How not to feel like a 3rd wheel in a world geared towards couples
  • The pros and cons of becoming a mother
  • Discover the worst part of being single -- and it is not wondering if you will ever meet a man.


While there are definite differences between being married and single in today’s world, there are many similarities in the obstacles all women face. This weekend will help you find your authentic self as a woman who happens to be married or single … as opposed to the label of your being a married woman or a single woman.

By the end of the 48 hours you will have a confident grip on the reins of the next steps of your life; you will feel focused, peaceful, and empowered – with or without a man –

Reclaim your sense of adventure...

Experience the beautiful Virginia wilderrness on horseback! (no experience necessary) You will be carefully matched with a horse for your skill level. Individualized instruction is provided. And, experience the adventure of getting to know a new or lost part of yourself.

If you are in a rut, stuck, or life is too monotonous, this is for you. Expanding your vision in one area of your life can expand your vision in others. If you’ve never ridden, even if you are scared of horses, think about the metaphor we use throughout the weekend of the horse: take the reins of your life in your own hands, no longer letting others dictate how you should live, what you should do. Physical strength in handling a horse doesn’t work, nor with the people in your life. To take control, you need to be creative and stretch yourself in new ways.

This is an opportunity to learn some new ways (even if you decide not to ride).

Rejuvenate in a restful environment...

Nestled deep in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Graves Mountain Lodge is a place that won't allow you to be stressed, anxious, or busy. Breathe freely and give yourself permission to refresh your mind and nourish your soul. See below for more information about the lodge and the area.

See more pictures and to read participants' comments about Unique Retreats for Women.

How The Retreat Works

This is not a weekend full of lectures; there are no speakers. Instead, the retreat will focus solely on helping you deal with your specific issues.

The times we are together working on the issues are called "workshops"; there will be several workshops each day. These highly interactive sessions incorporate group discussions, imaginary conversations, imagery, experiential exercises, and lots of other creative techniques designed to help you dig deeper and fully process what you are learning.

Each workshop concludes with an assignment and is followed by free time to absorb what we've discussed and to think about how it applies to you. During free time, feel free to take a walk or sit on the grass as you contemplate your assignment. (You can even NOT do your assignment … as there are no "shoulds" this weekend!)

On Saturday there will be a group horseback ride (no experience necessary) applying the metaphor to the workshop topics.

During the final workshop, you’ll create your own "action plan", which will spell out what about your life you want to be different as a result of this 48-hour retreat.

6 Months of Support to Help You Implement Your Plan

You’ve probably had this happen: You leave a retreat feeling energized … but then come Monday morning, you slip back into your "normal" life.

Unlike other retreats that are finished after the last day’s closing session, the Unique Retreat for Women Ready for Change builds in six monthly follow-up group telephone sessions. We'll gather for 90 minutes once a month so that you can get support and guidance on the challenges you're facing as you integrate your newfound knowledge, beliefs and your action plan.

So, give yourself this gift.
Take the time to pause, to relax and also have fun,
while you gain insight into yourself and
grow in surprising ways.

When and Where

When: November 1-3, 2013
Where: Graves Mountain Lodge is in Syria,Va
(Where is that? It's one hour from Washington, D.C.)

Graves Mountain Lodge is a family-owned and operated rustic mountain retreat, known for its down home hospitality, not to mention all the home cooked food you can eat. It’s unrivaled for natural beauty.

Stand anywhere on the property of G. Mt. Lodge and see the Blue Ridge Mountains. The lodge is on a hillside that also allows you to look down into the Valley. Their barnyard, fruit orchards, fishing ponds, and, of course, horses are part of the enchantment.

(DC has two airports that are about an hour from Syria, Va. Car pooling from D.C. may be possible)

For Just $395 You Get:

  • Guidance by a nationally known therapist and author. A minimum of 15 hours of small-group and individual workshop sessions.

  • 1 ½ hour horse back trail ride, preceded by instruction; use of riding helmet

  • Six months of monthly follow-up telephone coaching and support. To assure you follow-through on the goals and changes you set for yourself once you leave, there is a six month follow-up program. Once a month, we’ll have an 1 ½-hour group conference call so you can get continued support on the challenges you’re facing as you initiate and follow-through with your changes.

  • Why Don’t You Understand? A Gender Relationship Dictionary, my most recent book that defines 80 words and phrases that men and women use differently. A sure-fire way to improve relationships with men in your personal and professional life.

  • With or Without a Man: Single Women Taking Control of Their Lives, which details the nine areas of your life you can control … and that will make you feel better about the life you have for however long you are single

  • Workbook for With or Without a Man, filled with 30 exercises you can use to identify what negative messages and biases about your single status that you’ve absorbed, to shift your thinking, to fight the single blues and to create positive change in your life.

  • Surprise gifts … some fun and some serious

  • AND most importantly … clarity about the changes you need in order to take the reins of your life in your own hands, enhance your feelings about yourself and provide excitement about your life.

$395 covers all this. The only out-of-pocket expenses will be two nights lodging (shared rooms may be possible). Note: the room price includes alll the food you can eat and then some. Quite a bargain! and whatever you choose to tip the cowboys.

Contact Me if you need to break up the cost into payments.

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“I am grateful for the experience and all the follow-up calls. I learned a lot about myself even when things didn't go as I had wanted. Helped me figure out what I do need. I appreciate way you have put this together, and let it be fluid, acknowledging when things were not working.” (VG, Cleveland)

“I have found our follow up sessions quite helpful. I feel that I invested a lot in the retreat, both time and money. If it hadn't been for the follow up, I think that the retreat would have been just a pleasant memory by this time. Instead this process has truly been helpful to me, and I think what I have learned about myself will truly help me in the long run.” (K.C., Cinn)

“[The retreat] turned out to be a pivotal weekend for me, as I was struggling with whether to stay in a marriage to a husband who had become verbally and emotionally abusive. It was that weekend retreat that started me down to the road to where I am now. For that I am thankful.” G.S. Atlanta, GA

“The lesson I got [from the retreat] was it's not our relationship status that brings us happiness but how we approach life. Instead of waiting around for a guy (a job, a new car, whatever), we can actively create the life we want. It can be full and happy whether we share it with a man or not. It's a tremendously important lesson (and not limited to relationships).” R B. San Francisco, California

“Do a Unique Retreat II, PLEASE! It was great!” C.S. Rockville, Maryland

“I will carry this weekend with me for a long time.” S.B. Washington, DC

“I like the small intimate setting!” J.P. Washington, DC

“I came with the hope that the Retreat would enable me to look at where I am vis a vis work and personal relationships and to develop a strategy for getting me moving. The retreat didn’t meet my expectations: It exceeded them.” S.P. Norfolk, VA

“Your confidence and knowledge gave me the push I needed.” J.K. Miami, Fla

“It was a catalyst for personal discovery. Thanks for allowing me permission to have FUN!” R.T. Philadelphia, PA.

“You are an inspiration to women….The best part of the retreat was Karen and her insights.” N.R. Roslyn, VA

(More Participant Comments)


Yes, $395 is a lot of money, especially in the current economy. From my years of experience working with women who benefit from these retreats, I have compiled a list of common questions. In fact, you might be asking yourself these questions right now:

Q: Is it too expensive, can I afford this?
A: Only you can decide, but I have cut my prices drastically to make this retreat as affordable as I can. Look at the bullet points above. You get a tremendous value for the price of your registration.

Q: Should I spend this much money on myself?
A: Again, it's your decision, but you have an opportunity to do something really great for yourself. Take advantage of it!

Q: Am I worth it?
A: That's a no-brainer. Yes, of course you are! This truth lies within you. Seize it! (If not, then you really DO need this retreat!)

Q: Will the change that comes from the weekend be of enough value to warrant my spending this money?
A: Change must come from within. This Unique Retreat gives you all the tools, instruction and support you need to make that change. But ultimately, you must decide to either make the change... or to remain where you are now. The choice is yours.

If you honestly disagree with my answers, then this may not be the right time or the right retreat for you. On the other hand, if you are tired of not figuring out what change you need or how to go about making a change in your life, then you can’t afford NOT to make this investment in yourself! Join me for this Unique Retreat and get Ready for Change!

Special note for Single Women: Do you want 2013 to be the year you finally shed any lingering feelings of discomfort about being single, deal with other’s comments to you about being single, fully relish the life you have now (for however long you are single)?

!! There’s only one catch... !!

To get the discounted price of $395 reserve your place!

Call 301-585-5814 to register by phone.

MORE INFORMATION: To answer your questions or address your hesitations, please email me or call me at 1-513-542-0646.

I am SO looking forward to accompanying you on your ride toward self-discovery and freedom, as you discover the changes you know you want and some you have no idea you need!

(Those of you who have been before, consider this a second installment)


Call 301-585-5814 to register by phone.

Meet your Retreat Leader:
Dr. Karen Gail Lewis, a marriage and family therapist for 39 years, has been leading Unique Retreats For Women for 16 years. She is author of numerous books on relationships, including: Why Don’t You Understand? A Gender Dictionary, The Secret to a Solid Marriage, and With or Without A Man: Single Women Taking Control of Their Lives . She also runs Unique Retreats for Adult Siblings, for Mothers and Daughters, for Women Divorced from Powerful Men, and for Couples. She has offices in Cincinnati and Washington, DC.