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Women Ready For Change

This retreat is for women who may not know exactly what or how, but only that a change is due. <more>

Single Women
(to be announced)

This retreat is for women who have always been single (AS) and those who are single again (SA).   (Email me for more info)
Married to
Successful Men
(to be announced)

Your identity can be more than just 'his wife' ...
  (Email me for more info)
Women and
Their Siblings
(to be announced)

Relationships that last your whole life ...
  (Email me for more info)
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There are not enough words in the sky to convey how much gratitude I have for you - for your kind, gentle, funny, fun, serious, real, playful, thought provoking, inclusive, trusting, gentle, challenging with coziness that made such a success of this weekend..

Our relationship has shifted in enormous ways and I'm feeling very, very good about that and so is my sister! - Bronx, NY

I was stuck in every area of my life when I signed up for the retreat: financial, home, career, family. I had left my husband after years of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby, and then learned my mother is terminally ill. I couldn't make a decision to save my life! The retreat helped me to get moving again, the follow up calls and suggested readings kept me going. I have been gently guided back to being the person I want to be. Even though life is not turning out the way I planned or wanted, I am happy to be me today!

Are you feeling stuck? Give yourself just 48 hours and see what happens. At the end of just one weekend, You’ll have answers—even to questions you may not have known you had.
You’ll have practical tools you can immediately put to use throughout your life.

The idea of a womens retreat is not new, but I offer Unique Retreats for Women which provide baby boomer women the opportunity to find and refine their own voice, learn about themselves, clarify cloudy aspects of their life, overcome obstacles – and indulge in fun.

The next Unique Retreat has not yet been scheduled. I typically have one in November but the details are not yet finalized.

Choose from among four different Unique womens retreats:

  Women Ready
For Change
Single Women Women Previously Married to
Successful Men
Women and
Their Siblings


After only 48 hours, you will depart with answers to Personal reflections, a sense of self and purpose, as well as practical tools you can put to use throughout your life. Dr. Karen Gail Lewis has been running these retreats since 1996. These weekend getaways are in unusual or luxury settings, where women can explore personal, family, work, and life challenges.



These baby boomer gals left comments praising their unique womens retreat. Read Participant's comments to find out more.

Retreats, in general, are a gift women give themselves. For a few days, they let go of their worries about home or work and just focus on themselves

All retreats are exciting and exhilarating because of the intensity of being with caring women in a caring nurturing environment. If you’ve done other retreats, you know the glow from the weekend typically dissipates as you return to your daily life.

Unique Retreats for Women is unique in the additional benefits it offers.

Each group includes a minimum of 15 hours of in-depth discussions, provocative exercises uniquely designed for each woman, as well as imagery, group interaction, and experiential activities. Free time is scheduled so women can clear their minds in order to listen more attentively to their inner voice.


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